Saturday, February 28, 2009

Here's the Story, By Maureen McCormick

Remember the big box of goodies I received at the first of the makeover? As I mentioned in that box were lots of books and audios. I've already read and highlighted one book on my blog and now I've completed the next book:
Here's the Story
By, Maureen McCormick
On Friday September 26,1969 at 8 pm, myself like countless other kids across the country settled in for a good Friday evening watching an episode of The Brady Bunch. ( I can hear the "jingle" now! )
As I snuggled in each Friday evening at 8 pm I was fortunate to have a safe home with a warm loving family sitting with me in the living room watching each episode. Little did I realize being an eight year old is that "Marcia Brady" was leading a life going in the exact opposite direction. Here turmoil was just beginning and in this book Maureen takes you on a very candid journey on her career, drug addiction, family turmoil and fears. She completely opens up so that others may learn from her experience. You have to give it to her, she really is candid about her experiences and how she dealt or didn't deal with them.
Maureen shares how she learned to trust herself, how she finds a relationship with God, and her husband. The road was not easy but she does over come adversity and her battle to come to terms with the idea of perfection .
You will definitely admire her courage and when you finish reading the book.
I strongly recommend this book

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