Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Herbs, Week Two Chef Curtis

The Finished Dish of the Evening!

During week two with Chef Curtis we will be exploring the world of herbs. How many of you cook with fresh herbs? In the summer its easy because of all the fresh and wonderful herbs in the Saturday markets. This time of year you are at the mercy of the grocery store! This week we will be exploring the different herbs and how to have a "ready to go" herb mixture in your fridge waiting to marinade with a meat or infuse with your oil to create a wonderful dish!

To start the evening we went over the various herbs, their evolution, and how they do help the digestive system. For example chives: Did you know that they are good for purifying the blood? Lemon Balm: It can be sued as a repellent for insects? Just rub those lemon balm leaves from your garden in your hands and over your body and you are good to go! Parsley: Is good for digestion and bad breath. Sage: is a good healer and great for colds. And here is for all you athletes! Rub those garlic cloves all over you feet and it will kill the foot fungus! Garlic has wonderful healing properties.

Last week I had some leftover basil and cilantro and over the weekend I made a mixture of the two with shallots, garlic and olive oil which I kept in a glass jar in the fridge. We mixed in the pans this mixture in the panon and added the vegetables and with some high heat and stir fry came out with some wonderful veggies!

Here is the tip for the week: Add your herbs to your dish at the end. If you add at the beginning the herbs will wilt and you won't receive any of the nutrients.

Tonight we cooked butternut squash, green beans, mushrooms, broccoli on a bed of rice. Thursday evening we'll be meeting at the store to pick some herbs and walk you thru how to make you own oil/herb "ready to saute" mixture.

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