Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bringing you up to date~

In the last couple of weeks our group eight have met on a weekly conference call to discuss how we are doing and what we are noticing in our progress with ourselves and time with our coaches.

We have also been the recipents of some amazing gifts. Here are some to date~

a. A wonderful box filled with lovely items from the sponsors of the Dr. Pat show!

b. Tickets to The Extraordinary People Series in Seattle Washington. Our next speaker is Michael Beckwith , February 20th at 7 pm @ The Center of Spritual Living in Seattle. You can purchase your ticket at:

c. Our personal certificates which state our personal coaches for our journey. These were based on what we wanted to do and how we were going to pay our journey forward. We'll get into that in some later posts!

Here are my wonderful Coaches for my journey!

a. Dawn Stansfield is my primary coach. You can find out more about Dawn by visiting her
web site @ She is a contributor to the Dr. Pat Show.

b. I'll also be working with Chef Curtis Ross. On an eight week private program. We'll be looking at meal planning, nutrition for our family on the go, look at kitchen organization... oh no! , the dreaded spice assessment! How long have you had yours in the pantry? Stay tuned! We'll all learn something. Tonight is my first visit!

On top of all that, I'll be able to do the following and will be recording my journey on this blog~

a. A Thermography imaging treatment with Dr. Darvish in Bellevue Washington.

b. A Series of one hour body talk System, or PSYCH-K sessions over a period of time.

c. An I AM Creative Session with Richard Carr

d. Sessions with Tom Liota at WeXL Financial Wellness

I know I threw a lot of people and web sites at you but I just wanted to share how generous all these individuals were to the show and myself. Every day I'll be posting what I'm doing with these coaches and how my project is moving forward.

I'm thrilled to have you involved in my journey!

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