Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wow! What a week with Chef Curtis Ross

Wow, what a first week with Chef Curtis Ross. I took some amazing pictures but have been having some technical difficulties on the picture side! ( operator error , my fault ) This was my first official week with Chef Curtis. This week we focused on Spices. Does your spice cabinet look like mine above? Ok... I showed you my secret... time to fess up yours!
Chef Curtis spent some time with me reviewing the three elements that destroy spices:
1. Moisture
2. Air
3. Light
How many of you have bought those wonderful spice bottles for $8.00 in the grocery store, only to have used the spice for a couple of recipes and it goes bad? I have to tell you that a lot of those spices in the picture above went BAD!
The average shelf life of a spice should only last for three months!
A lot of those bottles have been up there longer than three months! If your spices are in a tin? You are in big trouble!
On Tuesday evening we covered the medicinal properties of spices and how to store them, as well as make a wonderful chicken dish on Tuesday evening and flank steak dish on Thursday evening.
Regarding medicinal purposes of spices: We all use Paprika!
Medicinal Uses: Source of vitamin A
Source of vitamin C, Antioxidant, Weight loss.

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