Thursday, February 12, 2009

Evening with Chef Curtis Ross

This evening I had my first opportunity to meet with Chef Curtis Ross!
During tonight's post I was hoping to write a brief bio on Chef Curtis but we spent a good hour and a half talking about the following and before you knew it I had to dash. Next week I'll get you a background so you can read.
Tonight we met in his office and had an opportunity to review my health history and our families food habits, likes and dislikes and my goals for our time together.
Here are my goals!
1. Provide healthier after school snacks for my children. ( I'm never home when they get here and guess what they reach for... the cookies)
2. I pack my kids lunch but do I pack some food for me to eat through out the day? NO! What's up with that??
3. How much water am I drinking? Need to work on that!
4. Get more protien into my son who's twelve!
5. Learn how to stretch the dollar in the grocery store. We all need some tips on that.
Chef Curtis and I will be meeting for eight weeks, two times a week we will be meeting and each week is a different subject. I'll be sharing with you everything that I learn. Would love your feedback!
Next Week: Spices and Herbs
Tonight's thought: Are you taking time to be in the moment?
Excercise: Sit on a park bench and just think about nothing else. Just take time to be in the moment.
Thank you Chef Curtis for your words of wisdom this evening!

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