Tuesday, October 13, 2009

You can Heal your life Seminar , Sunday October 11th

Carolyn Myss signing her book at the Conference Sunday
Defy Gravity, by Carolyn Myss
How can I summarize a day listening to some wonderful presenters on Sunday?
I believe Louise Hay summarized it best in her opening remarks to the audience.
" Today is a banquet of the Mind"- Louise Hay
And how it was!
There is no way I could possibly recap for you all the pages of notes I took from each presenter. However, what did stick with me through all the presentations is how important our environment is to our mental and physical well being.
Your environment can be your home, work, relationships, organizations. Are you surrounding yourself with nurturing experiences and people to grow or toxic experiences and people.
We do have the power to change our environments!
What environment would you change and how would that effect your overall health and well being?
If you have the opportunity at some point to participate in a day event it is well worth the investment of time. You come away with a lot of information to digest!

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