Monday, October 26, 2009

Haunted House By Jack Prelutsky

Haunted House By Jack Prelutsky
There's a house upon the hilltop
We will not go inside
For that is where the witches live,
Where ghosts and goblins hide.

Tonight they have their party,
All the lights are burning bright,
But oh we will not go inside
The haunted house tonight.

The demons there are whirling
And the spirits swirl about.
They sing their songs to Halloween.
"Come join the fun," they shout.

But we do not want to go there
So we run with all our might
And oh we will not go inside
The haunted house tonight.
Can you believe that Saturday is already Halloween?
Perhaps if you weren't ready the above poem might just put you in the spirit to finally go down and purchase all those "fun size" candy bars! Sorry for the lapse in entries but I have been taking care of myself... yes... I got the crud from the kids. It knocks you out for a couple of days. The good news is that I got to the library and checked out some good books. Lots of resting over the weekend and reading. I'll be posting soon the book I am currently reading

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  1. This is such a cool picture and a great poem. The perfect haunted house!