Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Women's Health Web site

Part of what I try to do on my blog is provide information and resources to people who want to grow spiritually and take good care of their health. There is so much information out there to gather that by providing it to you in chunks you're better able to digest it!

I found a great web site Women to Women, "changing women's health naturally". It is chalked full of valuable information regarding women's health concerns.

Take a minute to check it out and book mark! You'll come back to it for reference... I know I have recently!

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  1. Enjoying your blog and just wanted to say -- I love the Women to Women site! Whether you are in Menopause, suffering from thyroid or adrenal problems, or just want to know more about taking care of yourself as you age, it really is an incredible resource of free info. Here's one of my favorite articles I have read there lately... Release negative patterns — heal yourself emotionally and physically