Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Can Do It - By Louise L. Hay

I Can Do It
By, Louise L. Hay

In that big bottomless box , remember that big box of goodies at the beginning of my posts? Well there are even more books!

This week I read the book I Can Do It!
I strongly recommend this book for anyone. What an easy read. Louise has a very sharp way of writing very beautiful and is yet straight forward in getting her point across not to mention the book is very beautifully illustrated.

The book is all about affirmations.

An affirmation opens the door and is the starting point on a journey to change.
How many of you practice affirmations?

One key message I heard in the book that it's important to always say your affirmations in the present tense and without contractions.
I am vs. I'm.

Some wonderful examples from the book

I hate my body becomes I love and appreciate my body.

I never have enough money becomes Money flows into my life in an abundant way.

Remember "I have" and "I am ".
I am surrounded by love and all is well.
I am at ease speaking in front of others. I have confidence in myself.
The book addresses affirmations in
Love, Forgiveness, Prosperity, Creativity, Relationships/Romance, Job Success, Stress Free Living and Self Esteem.
Who doesn't need a book like this right now?

The book also comes with a CD which you can listen to while you do your daily commute. It's recommended to listen to the audio book for thirty days.

Take time this weekend and read something to enrich your life!

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  1. deborah-
    you are a constant amazement!
    your positive energy flows from you!
    i am in glad we are friends!
    looking forward to our upcoming adventure together...sure to be exciting!