Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An Evening with Chef Curtis-

This week in the kitchen is an education on meat, poultry and fish. Tuesday evening we started with meat and Chef Curtis had my son Branden get involved with the cooking. They both did a wonderful job and I'll be posting additional videos of the finished product.

Things to consider about meat:

1. The leaner the meat = more protein

2. Organic meat vs. GMO meat. How is your cow being fed, and what is it being fed. Things to consider.

3. Depending on your digestive system meat can take 3-6 months to run thru your digestive system. Wow!

4. You should only eat 3-4 oz of meat at a time. There go those 12 -24 oz. steaks on the menu!

For tonight's dish we had a very lean , organic piece of meat. To prepare for the pan Branden did the following:

1. score meat ( lets the marinade get into the meat )

2. add marinade ( remember those herb marinades we made and have in the fridge? take one an slather it on the meat )

3. add additional seasonings , herbs and sea salt

4. heat your oil in pan

5. add some crushed garlic to hot oil ( to infuse the garlic in oil )

6. add meat. ( cook five minutes on each side )

7. add onion and beef broth

8. put in oven to finish cooking and cook down.

End result on next video~

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