Sunday, March 29, 2009

How Lucky is a mom who's twelve year old cooks a dinner!

How lucky am I? or how proud am I right now? Looks like we have a chef on our hands! Chef Curtis and father David ( Carolina Smoke On Site BBQ ) Move on over! There is someone in the house! Tonight my son ( age 12 ) decided to make dinner for himself and mom ( Makaela is out of the country ) We had chicken enchiladas , rice, beans, salsa, coleslaw, and tortilla chips! A complete dinner all done by Branden!
Chicken Enchiladas by Branden! Great Job ! Dishes were also done by Branden!
Thank you ! For a great meal!:)

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  1. Mmm....mexican! Thanks for your comment earlier on my blog. Unfortunately, I don't own all the vintage patterns I post. It's my version of online window shopping. I figure it I can admire them and share my interest with others, I'm less likely to feel the need to buy them all. So far it's working!