Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happikins - Reusable Napkins for Kids!

I stumbled upon this web site and had to share with all of you who pack lunches for school children! This is a wonderful concept! ( Provided your child can bring it back home each day! )
Reusable Napkins for Kids!
Happikins™ are machine-washable cloth napkins for school lunches. Purchasing them for your child can help reduce the 18, 760 pounds of unnecessary waste generated by the average elementary school cafeteria each year. All of those paper napkins affect more than the environment. Did you know that most kids use $200 worth of paper napkins a year?
They are so cute that maybe I need to get some for my lunch bag!
Click the link and check it out! It will definitely brighten your child's lunch and make a peanut butter sandwich a whole lot happier!

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