Monday, February 15, 2010


Well... being a communications major in college, I didn't do very well this weekend in this department. In fact I botched up what could have been a really nice day with someone I care about. But when I went to college they didn't teach us about the fine art of texting and I really did think that this person could read my mind! ( haha )
Lesson learned.
You may think you're saying something in a text or email and but the other person can't read your mind! You have to very explicit on what you want and/or looking for in your email or text!
How many times has a text or email gotten you into trouble?
I've hear hoar stories about this all the time. I found out this weekend that the fine art of picking up the phone and calling the individual works much better and can solve a bunch of problems down the road.
I'm going to rely less on text and more on phone calling in the future.
( Even though I hate to talk on the phone! )
Nothing can replace the instant feedback that you get over the phone versus a clumsy ol' text.
Lesson learned.

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