Monday, September 14, 2009

Sister's Folk Festival & The Sandra James Music Foundation

On a gorgeous Saturday this past weekend, Rhonda and I from the board of the Sandra James Music foundation passed out 240 CD of Sandra's Music and from our recent 2009 International Songwriting Contest. For those of you that don't know about the foundation. I grew up with Sandra James. She was a musician, songwriter and loved to convey her messages thru her music. She died five years ago of ovarian cancer but before she passed away she formed a music foundation so that she could continue to do good works in communities and people would continue to hear her music.
The purpose of the board is to get her music out to be heard! So to pull people to the web site we have had for the last two years and international songwriting contest where people listen to her music and write a song which conveys the messaging Sandra tried to convey in her music.
We also help students go to camp, get music lessons and do projects which support the environment.

Here is the CD for 2009, Peace, Love and Joy. You can learn more about the Sandra James Music foundation by going to our web site, You can also request a CD from the site which is a gift to you.

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