Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sept 1, Back from vacation and back to School!

It's back to school after a weeks vacation they are finally headed back today to school! Yeah for mom! It was a short summer with lots of activities but it's time once again to buckle down. Gone are the days when you could walk them to school and get a picture of them lining up for class! I had to take this picture out the car window! I'm really good at embarrasing my children!

As you can see the kids are not at all thrilled that mom still wants to take their picture before they head out the door. With the front yard redone and the wood railing gone we had to have a new spot to stand. No more gaging their size and height by the wood railing any more!

Pictures below from last week. Fun in the sun for the kids. Pool time, golf, tennis and ice cream.

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