Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Excuses be Gone, Wayne Dyer

I'm sure by now you've heard of this book by Wayne Dyer? I had but hadn't picked it up at the store yet. However, Sunday evening I was channel surfing and I stumbled upon Wayne doing a talk on this very book for a PBS fundraiser. Wow! What a talk and a wonderful book. It just so happened that I had my notebook close by and I was sitting there just like in school taking notes, highlighting and underlying.
What is your biggest excuse for change? Wayne starts the discussion by going over the top eighteen reasons submitted to his website as to why people don't want to change. Here are a few:
a. Don't have enough time
b. I'm too old
c. it will upset everyone if I change, cause family problems.
d. too expensive
Any of these sound familiar?
He then walks you thru the paradigm for change , and then some affirmations for you to practice for the above excuses.
It was an amazing discussion and if you can catch on your local PBS station please sit down and watch with a pad and paper. I've looked over all my notes and there are too many to highlight in one post.
However, I will highlight something he did mention that I'll leave you with today:
Think from Awareness
With God all things are possible
I can handle this, I am not alone.
If you know that all things are possible and you are not alone, why would you not want to change?

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  1. So True, I have some of his books and I think he has some great wisdom. I am one who carries a lot of excuses and I am now working on making my changes, one baby step at a time! Good Post!!