Thursday, September 3, 2009

Body Talk Access Class with Pat Sullivan

My good friend Pat Sullivan is conducting another ACCESS training workshop here in the Seattle area on Saturday September 19th . If you have not made it to one so far now is the time to check it out! Below is the information about the class, contact information and videos.

BodyTalk Access Class
When: Saturday, September 19th, 2009 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Where: Seattle Healing Arts 6300 9th Ave NE Seattle, WA 98115
Cost: $135.00

Pat Sullivan was on the Dr. Pat talk radio show in June. Click on the link to hear more about BodyTalk Access and what it can do

Some Testimonials

Three weeks ago I had a urinary tract infection. I did Access and then I repeated the use of one of the techniques, Body Chemistry. The UTI cleared up that evening. I have since had 2 others tell me of their UTI's that were gone in a day using this method.

The Body Chemistry technique works by making your system aware of the virus/microbe/toxin/fungus. This works on colds, flus, food poisoning, anything that may be harmful or invasionary. It's like having a piece of parsley in your teeth, you don't know it's there until you look in the mirror or someone tells you. Once you see it, you address it. Best of all, you don't have to know what you're dealing with. You do the technique and it does the work and your system mounts the appropriate response. Simple and done. This technique is what started BodyTalk when it addressed Dr. John Veltheim's chronic Epstein Barr. Within 3 days he was free of the virus.

With all the concern about the swine flu, wouldn't you like to know you have something in your toolbox (and your own hands) to take care of it? See more experiences below.

BodyTalk Access is a set of 5 self healing techniques (excerpted from the full BodyTalk System) that can cover up to 60% of what a person or family may encounter in a month; brain optimization, nervous system relaxation, viruses, bacterial infections, pain reduction, injury and trauma healing, learning disorders, and more... It's simple to learn and the results can be astounding. You leave this fun and fast paced class with a healthcare package in your hands.

7 CEU credits given for Massage Practitioners through the NCBTMB and 7 STARS credits for preschool teachers

To register, call or email Pat at 206-920-5528 or or click here for the link to register

See this link to a 12 minute video where John Veltheim, the founder, explains the philosophy behind Access and teaches our most valuable technique, so you can do this on yourself and others now. Pass it on, we'd love to have everyone doing the Cortices technique.
Warm Regards. Pat.

Patricia Sullivan, Joy of Health SolutionsPaRama BodyTalk, BodyTalk Access InstructorThe Reconnection and Reconnective HealingThe Rosewood Massage Studio6515 12th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115Appointments and info: 206-920-5528

"I talked my Mom through (over the telephone) the Cortices technique I saw on the video you sent. She was having a seizure which was working its way up her body and it stopped midstream and they have not returned." Ellen from Pat's Access class in Winthrop, WA 6/21/09

“... Just had to tell you this. I am out babysitting a friend’s two kids. They told me that the two-year old will still be awake at 9.30! I did not think so!!!!! As soon as his parents left I tapped out his Cortices and he was asleep in four minutes. WOW! ...Love JoB.”

From my class in July with an extended family of 12: One of the kids cut themselves with a kitchen knife the next day, her brother did Access on her and the bleeding stopped immediately. They were thrilled to have their own 'story'. The day of the class, all I heard was 'too many stories' from the kids. I think they did just Cortices.
I clipped my doggie's nail too short and had a gusher. Halfway through Cortices, the bleeding stopped. Pat S

I had a real Fast Aid experience about a week a half ago. I was slicing limes with a knife that I had just sharpened, The knife slipped off the lime, and buried itself deeply into my fingernail. Ouch. I tend to bleed a lot when I am cut, and it started gushing. Then I thought – Great! a good opportunity to try out Fast Aid!

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