Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Sharper your knife the less you cry- Kathleen Flinn

Another vacation book review! Here is the other book I managed to squeak out during my fun in the sun! Not having a whole lot of time to cook lately I lived vicariously thru Kathleen Flinn's book The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry.

Kathleen's book flows beautifully and it's obvious that she has a journalism background. The narration of her journey is brilliant!

Why should I pick up this book and why would you feature it on your blog which talks about food for the mind, soul and body? Because Kathleen's journey does just that. The story begins with her employed as an executive with a major software company in London England and is abruptly laid off. She is an American living in London without a job, and without a job can not stay.

Kathleen after a moment of panic and "what would my mom advise me to do" Calls her boyfriend Mike in Seattle Washington. It's easy he comments, you do what you've always wanted to do: study and earn your diploma from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris France!

In the balance of the book she shares her journey of going thru the "classic cycle" Basic, Intermediate, and Superior Cuisine.

I won't tell you what happens along the way as you'll have to get the book to find out. However, it does raise one question, If you were laid off from your job today, what would you do? Would you fill the void with a job that doesn't fulfill your needs? Or would you seize the opportunity to do something you've always longed to do?

Sounds ironic during these turbulent times? It just so happens that Kathleen is Seattle and she has her own web site You will see from her web site that she is busier than ever and offers classes on food writing, photography and food blogging ( quite popular these days! )

The book is also a perfect fit for book clubs and the back offers meeting suggestions and topics of conversations.

Bon Appetite!

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