Tuesday, April 7, 2009

90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper

Sitting in LAX on a Sunday afternoon I picked up one book I hadn't read yet on my cruise:
90 minutes in Heaven
Don Piper
I started it at at 1 pm and finished when we arrived before the gate at SEA TAC at 6:30 pm.
Am I a fast reader? Not necessarily. Was it the content of the book that held me captive? Yes!
Don Piper is an amazing man who has had quite a journey.
This book begins with Don Piper recalling his story about driving home from a Baptist Convention and becomes a victim of a horrific accident. At the scene Don is pronounced dead by the paramedics. Traveling home on the same road is another attendee of the convention. The traffic is backed up so he gets out of his car as all the others to see what is going on ahead. That is when God calls on this man to go to Don and pray for him. As he approaches the scene the paramedics tell him that Don is already deceased but the individual insists that he still needs to go to Don's side and pray. Within those moments of prayer Don is in heaven and does awaken beside the this man who is praying for him.
The balance of the book is Don's recount of his struggle in recovery. His constant question is , why am I here in all this pain when I could be in heaven? I want to go back to heaven. As Don recovers he slowly trusts some with his story about heaven and his experiences while he was clinically dead here on earth.
Don now knows why God did not have him stay on heaven and why he endured a painful recovery and is now helping people all over the world with his story.
I have to say that some parts of the book were repetitive and could have been condensed. But overall it was a good and easy read. It truly does make you think about God, Heaven, and how do we serve God here on earth.
I thought it was ironic that I was reading this book on Holy Week!
I've added a clip below that I found on the Internet of Don speaking on the 700 club about his experience.

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