Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Clear Living with Karen Roehl

Pantry Closet "Before" working with Karen at Clear Living

Pantry Closet "After" working with Karen at Clear Living

As part of my Dr. Pat Holistic Makeover I am working with Chef Curtis Ross and he has an associate Karen Roehl from Clear Living who generously gifted me an hour of her time to come in on a Saturday to go thru my pantry and cabinets in the kitchen.
We all know how busy we get and when was the last time you took everything out of your pantry, checked the expiration dates on cans, boxes, and just threw out those items that you never ate nor will ever eat?
Well... Karen and I did just that. We pulled everything out of this pantry and looked at it as a new space. Then with our hard work and a little help from the organizer store we had transformed a pantry closet!
We had really made a dent so I invited Karen back for a morning to tackle more of the kitchen and was pleased with our results.
The job is not hard... just time consuming! Don't try to tackle all your cupboards at one time. Take each one separately and congratulate yourself when one is completed!
If you are in the Seattle area and want to contact Karen for your own session you can visit her web site at
Karen also does office reorganization too for all you who love to hoard paper!

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