Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I AM creative Session with Richard Carr

I AM CREATIVE with Richard Carr
In my certificates with The Dr. Pat Show I had the opportunity on Sunday afternoon to work with Richard Carr via phone on a session creating a song for meditation on my stated intent.
Richard is a very talented musician and has his own company, I AM CREATIVE , which means Inspired, Affirmative, Music.
Your session works with Richard like this:
- You talk about your intentions.
- Together you work on the wording of your intention as a sort of "mission statement"
- You focus on that intention together
- Richard sets down the phone
-You listen
It's that easy! While you are listening he is composing a song based on what he is feeling while focusing on your intention. My song is really beautiful and peaceful. My main intention for Richard was creating a peaceful environment in my home which will carry out into other aspects of my life. He accomplished a beautiful piece based on that intention.
The next morning I had an MP3 piece in my inbox and I'll be receiving a hard copy in the mail so I can slide it into my cd player.
This is a wonderful way to treat yourself and have something personally done for you to support your meditations and spiritual growth.
You can reach Richard at http://www.richardcarr.com/
Thank you Richard for a wonderful piece.

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