Sunday, October 3, 2010

Uraveling Week #1

I have finished up.. well almost my first week of Unraveling, Ways of seeing myself. It was a bit of getting used to where to go to find my assignments, find the group and where to post my pictures but I think I have it now! Today I just need to finish up my writing assignments! Of course I leave that until the last day! I'll do that while my son does his homework.

This week we focused on our feet which keeps us grounded. How many different surfaces do you stand on each week? What about those shoes? Lots of pairs? Or a minimalist?

I found that I basically have four pairs of shoes... I know sad but my job prevents me from dressing up too much. My work boots, tennis shoes, slippers and sandals. Not very exciting.

Above is a picture of my feet in the garden planting a new hydrangea.

We were challenged to take pictures of our feet this week. What was really fun was seeing all the different pictures from members posted on flicker. On to my writing assignments!

You can find out more about Susannah Conway and her classes here

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