Saturday, July 11, 2009

Redmond Derby Days of Past Years! -2002

Today is our community festival Derby Days.
It is a fun filled day with parades, carnival rides, food booths and bicycle races ( since Redmond is a bicycle city ). I was thinking back this morning as to when the kids were little and we'd get up early to decorate the bikes and head down to participate in the parade. Oh... those days are long gone! It's now 8 am on a Saturday the little girl below in the pink top is upstairs sleeping in and the boy in the yellow t shirt is playing x box! They'll be down in the afternoon later! To hang with friends, ride rides and eat junk food! Branden will also work in David's booth. I scanned these pictures below for those who know us and want to walk memory lane! Kids getting ready for bike parade, Branden with cotton candy and one of David's first BBQ booths! Boy have things changed!

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