Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Listening Below the Noise

Listening Below the Noise


Anne D. Le Claire

I recently had the privilege to hear an interview with Anne LeClaire talking about her book, Listening Below the Noise.

It was a fascinating interview and I would recommend you visit Anne's web site.

Anne is an accomplished writer but for sixteen years on the first and third Monday of every month she would practice the art of silence. For myself I think... WOW! Can you imagine not saying something for an entire day?

The interview was interesting in that she discussed what the silence taught both her and her husband and her journey. The mediation on the practice of silence.

Think about it. Sometimes we are so caught up in our day to day that we don't first take the time to listen let alone be silent and listen to what is going on within ourselves.

With two teens in the house and being a sales rep I doubt that I'll be able to practice a day of anytime soon. However, I love Anne's story and I feel she has a wonderful lesson to teach.

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