Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Butcher and the Vegetarian

The Butcher and the Vegetarian
Tara Austen Weaver
Over the weekend I squeezed in reading The Butcher and the Vegetarian. At the end of May Tara will be one of a couple of authors I see during a discussion in Seattle. So... I'm scrambling to read all the books being discussed!
Tara's book was very fascinating about her life being raised as a vegetarian and how a medical aliment had her seeking the consumption of meat. The book takes us through her journey of discovering meat. The act of purchasing, preparing, and consumption. As a meat eater my entire life this wouldn't seem like such a big deal but Tara's viewpoint really does open your eyes to someone who is experiencing this process for the first time and learning about the meat industry in general.
I did learn a lot about the meat industry in her book and it opened my eyes to several ranches that are practicing more humane ways of raising cattle and the discussion of grass fed vs. corn fed beef.
I won't tell you how the book ends or if consuming meat cured Tara of her ailment. I will tell you that I was pleasantly surprised at the ending.
Tara sites at the back of her book all those that she had involved in her journey so that you can look them up on your own which is very helpful
I highly recommend this book and would be a great pick for a monthly book group

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