Friday, March 12, 2010

Kiss your dentist Goodbye , by Ellie Phillips

Kiss your Dentist Goodbye
Ellie Phillips, DDS
I heard Ellie Phillips on a radio show Thursday talking about her book and the endorsement of a product called Xylitol. During her interview she was endorsing this product as the key to better oral health , stronger teeth and a healthier lifestyle.
Ellie believe that you can not only maintain good oral health but you can reverse the signs of decay and gum disease by using this product on a daily basis five times per day. There is also scientific facts that state that Xylitol can help with ear infections and asthma.
I did go to her site after the interview and it was packed full of very good information and illustrations on the health your teeth and gums and how Xylitol plays a part in overall oral health.
I currently chew a gum called Spry gum which does contain Xylitol and it is wonderful. You can get this product in toothpaste, mouthwash, gum, and granular form.
Check out Ellie's site you will get an education and will most likely be out looking for this product.

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