Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Deborah on the GO!

Life has been hectic!
I can't believe that it's been almost a month since I've last posted. Sorry for the absence but my life has been getting in the way!
What have I been working on and keeping me busy?
1. Taxi the kids ( to sports and more sports! )
2. Work
3. Cooking ( lots of wonderful recipes from the Barefoot Contessa! Here is one you have to try: Lemon Yogurt Cake )
4. Walking
5. Cycling
6. Fiction novels! ( lots and lots! Unplugged the TV... even for the Olympics)
7. Working on being kind to myself .
8. Enjoying the beautiful spring like weather we've had here in the PNW!
What has been keeping you busy this last month? I just can't believe that we are moving the clocks forward soon and our days will be brighter and lighter out. Yeah!
Here is a quote for you to ponder:
" Women are like tea bags. We don't know our strength until we are in hot water"
- Eleanor Roosevelt
Here is my favorite tea! Good Earth Teas.

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