Friday, November 20, 2009


I was introduced to a very cool web site on Thursday called Mindbloom.
If you have been looking for a way to get control of your goals and daily intentions this site does a wonderful job. All your goals and action steps are in one place! With only six weeks from today for New Year's Day, it's the perfect way to get a jump start on those new years resolutions!
You are able to visit the site Mindbloom.
Take a tour on the site. Here you manage your own "Life Tree " and "grow the life you want" . By adding leaves you set your goals and then a daily or weekly intentions to meet you goal. The site will then email you a daily reminder of what you need to do and you then go in and update your list and your tree then begins to flourish! It's very interactive and the site is very appealing! Lots of fun interactive nature items!
Right now when you visit the site you can take a tour, and sign up for a fourteen day free trial. What is also nice about this site is that you can share all or parts of your tree with your friends and family. That way you can receive praise and encouragement on your journey!
I started my tree and have already received my email reminder for today. Like anything else start small! Don't go putting up sixteen goals! Put up something small and easy so you can see the site and and how it works.
Set yourself up for success in 2010 and get on it now!

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