Sunday, November 15, 2009


I very rarely post regarding my family activities on this blog however, with a milestone of Sweet 16 for my daughter I couldn't resist! We all go thru rites of passage, first we're 13, 16, get our drivers license and then 18, and graduation! I fondly remember my sweet 16 party and Friday evening we had a couple of Makaela's friends for her party! I hope she will fondly look back and remember her small but special evening with friends and family! We sure have a lot of photos to back up the memories.
As for me.. I'm saving and planning the next big birthday milestone for me! I wouldn't dare tell you how old I'll be but I sure will be off in some exotic island celebrating in my polka dot bikini!
What is your next milestone in your life? It could be birthday, becoming a parent, grandparent, going back to college, buying your first home? What are your plans and how are you going to make it happen for yourself?

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  1. Hi,Please tell your daughter, happy belated birthday! She is beautiful! I love the cupcake cake! That is awesome!