Sunday, June 28, 2009

You can Heal your Life, By Louise L Hay

You Can Heal Your Life
By Louise L Hay
Illustrated by Joan Perrin Falquet
This weekend I finally sat down and read the book You Can Heal Your Life. Given the many millions of people that have all ready read it I could possibly be one of the very few left to read so it was time to dig in and get busy!
This book is amazing to say the least. At first you start at the beginning but then find your self after fifty pages wanting to skip around to see just what will be coming.
The premise of the book is that all your thoughts and feelings that you've experienced up to this moment is your past. What you are choosing to think, believe and say right now can create your future.
The book engages you in many thoughts and exercises. It is definitely not a one time read but a work/ reference book to use through out your daily journey.
The book is also beautifully illustrated by Joan Falquet and I found myself just flipping through out the book to enjoy all the illustrations.
Words can not capture in this blog post all the amazing tidbits that are represented in this book. However, I did find a short clip from YouTube which helps to discuss the book and apparently the movie.
We all desire change and to heal ourselves. This book is an excellent place to start that introspective look.

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