Sunday, January 30, 2011

52 weeks of organizing

Where does the time go? I know I've said that a million times here on this blog but this time I really mean it! This week we are staring at February right before us and there's no turning back. How are you doing on your new years resolutions? Keeping them right in front of you? I know it's difficult to stay focused on them with everything else going on in our daily lives. I believe that's why I've been gone so long. One of mine for the new year was to simplify and get organized. I found a great web site here which focuses on organizational skills. At the beginning of the year we started the 52 weeks of organizing. So far I have completed a project every week and it feels good. It has consumed my weekends and I know once the weather gets better here in Seattle I won't want to be inside organizing. The list she provides is a great tool from writing the projects down and keeping track of them. I keep it above my desk so its a constant reminder of what I've completed and what's down the road.

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  1. Love this site...thanks for sharing. I just purchased the Organize Now book...and unbelievably, it is somewhere on my desk. :-( Guess I know where to start today...~Blessings, Janet