Monday, July 5, 2010

The New Good Life by John Robbins

The New Good Life


John Robbins

Over the holiday weekend I read the book, The New Good Life by John Robbins. The book was a very quick read and was interesting in that I had not read his previous books and was not familiar with his history.

John Robbins is a man who decided to live his life by his own drummer. He is the son of founder Baskin Robbins and yet decided to walk away from his "good life" in order to create his own by his standards.

The book is very timely and a lot of the references he gives in the book are very recent events in our nations economy. What we've known in the past as "normal" in our economy is gone and we need to create our own sense of normalcy.

From John's book:

" The year 2010 began with nearly one in three U.S. homeowners owing more on their mortgages than their homes were worth, and that figure was soon expected to soon reach one in two. Today, foreclosures are filed in the United States every seven and a half seconds"

" The level of affluence may Americans had come to take for granted is becoming out of reach for rapidly growing numbers of people"

So... given this... how do we create our own sense of independence from money and see it not as a necessary evil but a way to help provide and enhance our lives and the lives of those less fortunate?

Through out the book the author wants to convey:

" However much money you have or don't have, your relationship to the money in your life can be transformational. It can be a doorway into greater consciousness, into greater integrity and into greater freedom. "

The book then goes into the following:

1. Getting to know your money type

2. Four steps to financial freedom

Living the Good Life

a. Your life is your temple - if you treat it like one

b. Life is too short for traffic

c. Eating better, spending less

d. Kids, the biggest financial decision of your life

e. Safe, Clean and Natural

f. The economics of happiness

I felt that the author did a very good job awakening us to the above aspects to consider when you are living your good life every day. He gives you some things to consider and ponder when deciding to change your lifestyle.

His story is inspiring and I'd strongly recommend this book if you are looking ways to cope within this new economy.

John Robbins also has a web site where he is posting articles and more information on his book. You can get to the site by clicking here.

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