Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Making Lists

So how are you doing on your new years resolutions? I didn't have any for this year but I sure had a lot of things that I wanted to have done now by mid January. Guess what? I haven't gotten any of them done! With my job in the new year there is a particular ramp up which takes a great amount of "thinking time" and I believe it's had me procrastinating on other aspects of my personal life! These little jobs are just not getting done! Which is totally not like me.
What's a girl to do? Make a list! It's been a long time since I've felt overwhelmed and needed to stop and make a list. I was looking this morning and would you believe there are a ton of web sites out there ready to help you make lists for money? Wow.
So for me this morning while having breakfast I'll be doing the 'ol list! Fortunately, I already have my books on order at the library so soon I'll have some great postings on wonderful books that have come to my attention that needed reading. Next week I'll be on two five hour flights which will give me plenty of time for reading and postings!
What is on your list?

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  1. Happy to have wandered upon your blog. It is nice to be able to read words that mean something...that reach deeper into our look into something which is past the surface.

    On my this word.

    This represents a myriad of tasks, home and work.
    This year will be the year of achievement!