Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Empowering Women by Louise Hay

Empowering Women
by Louise Hay
Over the Thanksgiving holiday I picked up at the library the above book by Louise Hay. It's quite an old book as the first printing was done in 1997. However, I hadn't read it and it turned out to be a quick read in one evening.
The premise of the book is to address all the areas in which women have experienced limited beliefs in the past surrounding
Getting older
Financial independance
It also address' Women's self esteem and choosing positive thoughts and beliefs.
I did find the book a bit dated in this day and age however, I would have to assume that there are still some women that are working on the above areas and could use some support.
What I did appreciate about the book was that for each topic she did site some other books to go for which offered support. She didn't just limit it to her words on page.
Of course the book was filled with affirmations that I do find helpful and we should all be using in our daily lives.
I liked this quote from Louise at the start of the book:
"Now is the time for women to break the barriers of
self - limitation. You can be far more than you ever dreamed possible."

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