Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Time, Where has it gone?

So.. where does time go?  Has it really been since July 2011 that I last posted that wonderful
eggplant appetizer?  Wow!!
I understand how people may start a blog, get burned out, the re evaluate the direction they are taking the blog and if it really meets their needs or the needs of the reader.  That being you.... if you are out there anymore!
This blog was created to chronicle my journey thru the Holistic Makeover with the Dr. Pat Radio show.  It highlighted wonderful coaches, exciting adventures, blogs and a business started along the way.  It was a journey in which each experience was a blessing and new friendships were formed.  After the makeover was completed I worked a making this blog into something meaningful for me.  It took some turns and and then it stalled and died. Was there really anyone out there listening? Did it matter? With mine amongst thousands, where did mine fit and did anyone really care what I was posting?
Where have I been? I've had one daughter graduate and go off  to college and a son that entered  high school. We've had ups and downs. I'm still a single mom trying to raise two beautiful children in a crazy society. I find myself stressing that I only have a couple more years to put my "thumbprint" on a boy who will soon be going off to college... when and how will I teach him everything?  It's a daunting task that every mother faces! 
But I found that I missed my blog. Sharing a recipe, quote, project or inspiration.  So... I am returning.  Today I signed onto my blog and found the format for posting had completely changed while I was gone! 
This year in 2013 I picked a word to help me stay focused for the year.
That word is
I am spending more time cooking, sewing and finding time within my weekends to get out there and enjoy and create some happiness and beauty within my world. 
I'll pick up where I left off and hope you come along.
Maybe I'll spark something that will help you unleash your creative side!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sicilian Caponata

Looking for a fun appetizer to take on your summer picnic? This would be an excellent choice. Over the fourth of July weekend I had some extra time to try some new recipes. This one was fun and easy! Sicilian Caponata consists of diced eggplant, onion, celery, diced tomatoes, basil, pine nuts, and yellow raisins! YUM!!!

I found the recipe on Stacey Snacks, a great blog. You should visit Stacey and see some of her other treats.. I give her credit for the recipe but the picture above is my finished creation!

It does make a lot so I'm thinking that later in the week I can toss it over pasta for dinner.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer Reading

The Violets of March

By Sarah Jio

This last week on my trip to the library I picked up a book by chance and had no idea at the time that I would have picked an all time winner!

On Friday evening late, I started The Violets of March and had finished it by Saturday afternoon!

A wonderful story that is set on Bainbridge Island , a ferry ride west of Seattle.

The story is a combination of mystery and a love story.

I wasn't familiar with the author Sarah Jio so I went to her site

and found a wonderful surprise. A trailer video of the book. I understand this is a new way to promote a book and this trailer is especially nice. Give it a view.

I will definitely be looking for more of Sarah's books!

This is a thumbs up for a summer read at the beach.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Trying something again and again

I can't tell you how many Yoga classes I've tried that just didnt' click. Yoga is tough... if you aren't well instructed it can be very frustrating. Finally I've found a studio that offered wonderful instruction and worked your tail off! Not only was a session rewarding but well taught and the instructor was encouraging. This must have been my tenth studio that I've visted and finally I've hit the jackpot!

My message to you is not give up. If you really want to master something keep trying to find the right school or mentor to help you. The results will be rewarding!

What do you want to master?

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Last night I was doing some channel surfing and got stuck on the channel TLC ( the learning channel ) . You've probably been there yourself. At 8 pm I got myself caught up in the show Hoarders... you know the show where they show people who have accumulated so much junk that they can't function in their home? Sometimes it is quite gross and I have to change the channel. Well, last night's episode was not too bad and the individual had a positive outcome and everyone was happy. Its always after the show that I wonder if they've been able to keep their house in a good state and what it looks like today. Fast forward to 9 pm... there is a new show called Extreme Couponing. This show is a "how to" on couponing and getting out of the grocery store with $300 worth of groceries for $15.00. I can see how this would be a popular show today. With the rising cost of gas and income dropping people are looking for opportunities to save money. It does get you motivated to clip those coupons! However, they show these individuals homes after they've gone to the store and they look like mini marts! There is food in every closet, under the beds, in the garage, in the shed. It's incredible how much food they've accumulated! Don't they know that food has a expiration date? Personally I'd like to see them give some of that food away to a food bank. They are hoarding food! Yikes! Soon they'll be on the show Hoarders. Its seems like a vicious cycle of excess. Do we want it or not? A constant tug and pull. Personally I'll stick with a balance. Only take what I need and give the rest.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Commitment and Time

Yes, it's been a long time since I've posted and when thinking of what to come back and write , I went to a quote that coincidentally I posted where I left off! I was surprised that I keep coming back to the same quote:

Commitment "If you don't wake up with something in your stomach every day that makes you think, "I want to make this movie," it'll never get made." -Sherry Lansing

A lot has been going on these past few weeks that has taken me away from this blog. Kids, work, spring cleaning, baseball, golf and gardening ( time to pull those spring weeds ).

I also attended a wonderful celebration of life for a friend of mine who was an intricate part of my son's baseball network for years. She passed away after an illness and left her son in jr. high, and daughter in high school. Her children did a beautiful job during the service in writing something beautiful to their mother. I walked away from that celebration thinking, " how are my children going to remember me when I'm gone?"

It really made me step back and look at how I was prioritizing my days. What was important to all of us? Do my children really know that I care about them? How do I show that I care?

What type of movie am I making for all us to look back and enjoy viewing? Lot of questions started to pop up and therefore I've been working on a lot of stuff!

I also made a list at the beginning of the year on some things I wanted to do before the year was over. How time has flown! Some of them I've completed but one of them was to master these cinnamon rolls at the top of the page! Have I even broken out the yeast yet? No! I have a lot to do.

I also do a lot of blog watching and I am amazed how these women are able to post every day! Wow! Such a commitment to their blog! I was putting a lot of pressure on myself and this blog.

So... I've made a new commitment to leave you something here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I'll be sharing some motivating and inspirational messages and quotes, but also some new material that has been of interest to me which I hope you'll find interesting.

Stay tuned... and take a moment to look at the movie you are creating.

Monday, February 7, 2011



"If you don't wake up with something in your stomach every day that makes you think, "I want to make this movie," it'll never get made."

-Sherry Lansing
What type of movie are you making?