Monday, November 22, 2010

Turkey Pancakes!

Jim's Pancakes!
You'll find Jim and his pancakes here!
It's that time of year when we all get busy and a little stressed out with everything to do.
I'm no exception and that's why I've been missing here the last week.
Too much to do .... too little time.
Thought it would be fun to start the holiday week with something fun to lighten things up a bit!
You'll love the site Jim's Pancakes!
This guy is very creative and he's always coming up with something new.
Check it out and enjoy your Monday

Monday, November 15, 2010

Don't take away my Happy Meal Toy!

I'm a mom. I've been thru the McDonald's drive thru a zillion times while my kids were younger and my children are not obese. I believe that everything should be done in moderation.
So here's a story that really got my blood boiling! Perhaps you've read it yourself.
The mayor of San Fransisco, Gary Newsom vetoed ( for once someone has their head screwed on correctly ! Yeah Gary!! ) on Friday legislation approved by the Board of Supervisors that would prohibit fast-food restaurants from giving away toys in kids meals sold in San Francisco unless they meet a strict set of nutritional standards of reduced calories, salt, fat and sugar, and also contain fruits and vegetables.
Despite Newsom's opposition, the law may still end up on the books. The board passed it on an 8-3 vote Tuesday, the minimum needed to override a veto. An override vote has not been scheduled.
Why if my kids are teens and we've outgrown the meals do I feel so strongly about this?
I personally don't need the city or federal government deciding what is ok for me to consume or receive in a Happy Meal. When are people going to wise up and call it quits? You won't be able to control behavior by getting rid of a toy in a meal.
I've thrown out a lot of Happy Meal toys at the bottom of the toy box ... I sure hope they don't become collector's items... or maybe they already have.
I sure hope McDonald's wins this one. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


( picture taken this year on a gourmet kayak tour )

"Life is what happens to you

While you're busy
Making other plans."

-John Lennon (1940-1980)

How many times have we heard this quote?
Yet each time I hear it .... it resonates like the first time.

Don't let life pass you by!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Starbucks goes Cruising

Starbucks has now hit the high seas. The Royal Caribbean line, Allure of the Seas now has a Starbucks on board. So for all you Starbucks fans you know which boat to book. I don't know about you but when I go on a cruise, I want to get away from it all. Seeing all those little white and green cups walking around the deck of a ship just doesn't do much for me. In fact it makes me think that we've bought too much into commercialism that some can't get away from their "favorite coffee " for a week or two. And I'm from the Starbuck's capital , Seattle! What has this world come to? You can weigh in with your view point by clicking this link and casting your vote! It's a close race!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Marie-Helene’s Apple Cake

This is as close I got to making the recipe Marie-Helene’s Apple Cake in the cookbook, Around my French Table. I had every good intention and the recipe looked so easy and delicious but we just didn't get there to completion. You see... I would have been the only one eating the cake in my family and I didn't think I needed to indulge. You have to pace yourself here right before Thanksgiving!
However, the site has posted November recipes here and some great side dishes are planned that can be incorporated into your Thanksgiving feast so I plan on making these!
I just have to admit that I'm not Wonder Woman and can't do everything! Well... I have dark rum for Christmas cookies now! I can just taste those rum balls!!!