Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Time, Where has it gone?

So.. where does time go?  Has it really been since July 2011 that I last posted that wonderful
eggplant appetizer?  Wow!!
I understand how people may start a blog, get burned out, the re evaluate the direction they are taking the blog and if it really meets their needs or the needs of the reader.  That being you.... if you are out there anymore!
This blog was created to chronicle my journey thru the Holistic Makeover with the Dr. Pat Radio show.  It highlighted wonderful coaches, exciting adventures, blogs and a business started along the way.  It was a journey in which each experience was a blessing and new friendships were formed.  After the makeover was completed I worked a making this blog into something meaningful for me.  It took some turns and and then it stalled and died. Was there really anyone out there listening? Did it matter? With mine amongst thousands, where did mine fit and did anyone really care what I was posting?
Where have I been? I've had one daughter graduate and go off  to college and a son that entered  high school. We've had ups and downs. I'm still a single mom trying to raise two beautiful children in a crazy society. I find myself stressing that I only have a couple more years to put my "thumbprint" on a boy who will soon be going off to college... when and how will I teach him everything?  It's a daunting task that every mother faces! 
But I found that I missed my blog. Sharing a recipe, quote, project or inspiration.  So... I am returning.  Today I signed onto my blog and found the format for posting had completely changed while I was gone! 
This year in 2013 I picked a word to help me stay focused for the year.
That word is
I am spending more time cooking, sewing and finding time within my weekends to get out there and enjoy and create some happiness and beauty within my world. 
I'll pick up where I left off and hope you come along.
Maybe I'll spark something that will help you unleash your creative side!

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