Thursday, April 14, 2011


Last night I was doing some channel surfing and got stuck on the channel TLC ( the learning channel ) . You've probably been there yourself. At 8 pm I got myself caught up in the show Hoarders... you know the show where they show people who have accumulated so much junk that they can't function in their home? Sometimes it is quite gross and I have to change the channel. Well, last night's episode was not too bad and the individual had a positive outcome and everyone was happy. Its always after the show that I wonder if they've been able to keep their house in a good state and what it looks like today. Fast forward to 9 pm... there is a new show called Extreme Couponing. This show is a "how to" on couponing and getting out of the grocery store with $300 worth of groceries for $15.00. I can see how this would be a popular show today. With the rising cost of gas and income dropping people are looking for opportunities to save money. It does get you motivated to clip those coupons! However, they show these individuals homes after they've gone to the store and they look like mini marts! There is food in every closet, under the beds, in the garage, in the shed. It's incredible how much food they've accumulated! Don't they know that food has a expiration date? Personally I'd like to see them give some of that food away to a food bank. They are hoarding food! Yikes! Soon they'll be on the show Hoarders. Its seems like a vicious cycle of excess. Do we want it or not? A constant tug and pull. Personally I'll stick with a balance. Only take what I need and give the rest.

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